Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a bit of Q and A for you:


Q – Do you cover the whole of the UK?

A – No, sorry, we only cover those areas stated on our website home page at the current time.

Q – When will you collect and deliver my item / Can you give me day and time now?

A – This is Economy courier collection and delivery service, therefore we cannot give specific days and times in the early stages.  However, we do give day and time slots, but not until we have finalised our delivery schedule for your area.


Q – I need urgent collection and delivery can you do this?

A – On our Economy courier collection and delivery service this is not usually possible unless we happen to be in the area anyway.  Economy deliveries require you to be more flexible, hence the cheaper prices.  If you require urgent or bespoke service, then this will cost much more than our standard Economy service and is only available in selected areas closer to our base.


Q – How long will it take to get my items?

A – We have a normal turnaround of on average  of approximately 7-10 working days, however this depends on demand and workload in different areas we cover.  Sometimes it can take less, sometimes longer.  This is an economy service for items that cannot be posted or sent by normal parcel carriers


Q – Can you collect and deliver on Weekends or out of hours?

A – Yes we can deliver on weekends, but we do not collect or deliver out of hours except for areas within easy reach of our base in Gloucestershire.    As this is economy service, collection and delivery will only take place on the days we are in the specific areas.  To keep prices low, we do not make special trips for one item unless you are prepared to pay higher price for us to go there specially.


Q – Can you deliver to a block of flats?

A – Yes but not for heavy items where there is no lift, etc.   This is driver-only courier service, there must be help for the driver with any heavy or bulky items.   Our service is normally ground floor to ground floor.  Also if parking is a major issue (i.e. in major towns/cities), we will not risk getting a parking ticket just for the sake of a delivery.


Q – I bought an item cheap for £10 on Ebay but your delivery costs more than I paid for my item.

A – Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. We try to give the best prices where we can for all customers.  Even though we are reliable cheap Ebay Couriers, we still have costs such as fuel, insurances vehicle maintenance, wages, etc, therefore we have to charge accordingly for delivery.